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ABH Installations can give your home a new lease of life with their rendering and plastering service. It’s self-cleaning properties will give the front of your house long-lasting fresh look!

Rendering and Plastering

Using a water repellent through colour textured render, ABH can restore your home with a new beautiful render with a low maintenance finish. The render contains a safe level of anti-fungicide, meaning it has self-cleaning characteristics

An extended range of colour options are available. By either removing or mechanically fixing over the existing render, you can be assured that you wont have to worry about the condition of your render for a long long time.

You will also be saving money on maintanance bills, as its a coloured through render, rather than regular painting, simply washing the it down occasionally will get it looking fresh again!

Our render system is trowel applied. Our skilled installers, have a background in plastering. Since the render system is weather dependant, we have found we can offer very competative plastering rates - just to keep our fitters in work! Feel free to take advantage of England's wonderfully varied weather systems, and get your plastering quote today.

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Call Or Email Us For A Free No Obligation Quote Today